New recipe

Our chef has something very special for you today. He reveals the secret of his delicious roast pork. 

Tender meat, crispy crust and served with our classic potato dumplings and gravy.... Heavenly good.

And what is particularly important, of course? Exactly, a good piece of meat. The best thing here is to ask your trusted butcher for a roast pork and get good advice.

Here we go: 

Season the pork shoulder with rind with salt, caraway, pepper and garlic. 

Don't be too sparing, you are welcome to dose well here. 

First score the rind lengthwise and then parallel to it. This creates a diamond pattern and the crust can rise and develop nicely.

Put everything in a dish in the oven and cook at approx. 190 degrees for a good 3 hours.

Pay attention to the thickness of the meat, the thicker the pork roast, the longer it has to stay in the oven.

Meanwhile, prepare the side dishes of your choice and serve the roast pork, preferably fresh from the oven.

Enjoy it and delight your guests with a tender piece of meat with a crispy crust. 

Have fun trying it out, feel free to send us your pictures and tell us about your roast pork.