Bavarian rice

Well, you heard right.

On our current menu you will find exactly this Bavarian rice as a side dish to our fish plate.

But what exactly is this Bavarian rice?

It consists of the ancient grains emmer, einkorn and original spelt. It has a high mineral and nutrient density and a wonderfully fine nutty taste.

So Bavarian rice is not real rice, but it is used in exactly the same way. 

The grains do not need to be soaked, so you can spontaneously conjure up a delicious and healthy meal. 

The now very popular Bavarian rice is often used as a side dish or as a filling for delicious dishes.

On our menu you will find it in combination with a selection of fish fillets and delicious white wine sauce.

Be sure to come by and try it.

We look forward to your feedback on the Bavarian rice.