Hike to Andechs Monastery

Andechs Monastery with its church, brewery and monastery shop is a major attraction in our region. Many paths lead to the holy mountain on foot. If you want to be comfortable, you can board the bus directly in front of our hotel and be chauffeured comfortably to the heights of the mountain.

Hike over the Kiental

A dreamlike hiking trail leads over the Kiental. You hike through the town of Herrsching and then turn off into the forest plain towards the monastery. At the beginning, the trail follows a forest road along the Kienbach stream moderately uphill. Halfway up, you can choose the stairway option. Count how many steps you will climb. This motivates you. You will reach the monastery in about 2 hours at a moderate pace. Another tip: Treat yourself to the climb up the church tower. From up there you have a fantastic view over the Ammersee and, if the foehn is blowing, a breathtaking mountain panorama in front of you. 

The Andechs Pilgrimage

The Andechs pilgrimage has been attested since the beginning of the 12th century and is thus the oldest pilgrimage in the whole of Bavaria. Today, this tradition is not only still alive, but also growing again.

Year after year, more than 30,000 organised pilgrims from over 130 pilgrimage communities come to the Holy Mountain. At their peak, the groups cover up to 50 km on foot in one day to get to Andechs. The pilgrimage groups have been growing again for some years. The average age of pilgrims has also fallen slightly.

Since the opening of the Munich Way of St. James from Munich to Lindau in 2003, many individual pilgrims also come to Andechs. Our hotel is located directly at the steamer landing stage towards Dießen and thus on the Way of St. James. You can stay with us comfortably overnight and continue your pilgrimage towards Dießen the next morning.