15 cycling and hiking trails

In the immediate vicinity there is a multitude of cycling and hiking trails.

No. 1 to Lake Pilsen

From St. Nikolauskirche - Mitterweg - northwards straight ahead with a view to Pilsensee along the nature reserve to Seefelderstraße further along the footpath to Pilsenseestraße (approx. 45 minutes).

No. 2 to Hechendorf

At Pilsensee Before the railway barrier, head north along the railway tracks to Hechendorf (approx. 45 minutes).

No. 3. to the Wörthsee

Cross the railway barrier out of town to Hechendorferstraße, turn right into Rauscherstraße to the hamlet of Rausch - Ellwang - Wörthsee (approx. 1 hour).

No. 4 to Widdersberg

Exit the town in the direction of Munich, after the DEA petrol station over the "Weinberg" to the Widdersberger Weiher (approx. 30 minutes).

No. 5 to Frieding

Exit the town in the direction of Munich in a 90 degree bend uphill via Schmidschneiderstraße - Frieding (approx. 1 hour).

No. 6 to Ramsee memorial stone

(former hamlet with 42 inhabitants, 6 houses, burnt down in 1849) Uferpromenade towards the east along the pavement to Schloss Mühlfeld, after 500 m (behind Alfa workshop) cross the road - turn left to Ramsee follow sign (approx. 1 hour)

No. 7 to Breitbrunn

From the Dampfersteg lakeside promenade through the Kurpark along the lake, lakeside path to Lochschwab - right across Franz-Zell-Straße to Riederstraße on the left, about 400 m along the pavement or Riederstraße - then left to the lakeside path to Breitbrunn (approx. 90 minutes).

No. 8 to Wartaweil

From the Dampfersteg and our hotel restaurant, head east along the footpath and cycle path down by the lake towards Weilheim to Wartaweil - recreation area Begegnungsstätte Wartaweil with Park der Phantasie (approx. 45 minutes).

No. 9 to Pähl

Before entering Erling from Herrsching (after bend - Fischener Straße, large car park) on the left side of the road - signposted path via Hartkapelle to Pähl (approx. 90 minutes).

No. 10 to Andechs Monastery through the Kiental Gorge

From the centre of the village along the Kienbach - turn left at the Mariensäule - through the Kiental - after 3 km there is an old power station - either turn left up the branch at the old Burgweg - or 100 m further left along the Stufenweg to Kloster Andechs. For people with walking difficulties: Please use the path through the village of Erling-Andechs from the electricity station. (approx. 1 hour)

No. 11 to Andechs Monastery via Hörndl

As No. 10 up to the Mariensäule - but then right to the Leitenhöhe, up to the Erlinger Höhe a root path leads through the beech forest - across the large meadow - left past houses - into the Kiental. Ascent to the monastery as No. 10.

No. 12 to the Andechs Monastery via Strittholz

From the Dampfersteg over the lakeside promenade - continue to the restaurant "da Mario" - cross Mühlfelder Straße - Panoramastraße - Strittholzstraße - through the forest to Erlinger Höhe - turn left into Kiental - ascend to the monastery as no. 10.

No. 13 to Bernried on Lake Starnberg

Buchheim Museum - Extensive Expressionist art collection architecturally attractive building directly on the lake

No. 14 to the Pähler Gorge

Situated at the southern end of the Ammersee, romantic gorge formed by glacial melt water. Hike from Pähl into the gorge and back approx. 2 hours.

No. 15 Loisachtal (approx. 57 km)

Direction Garmisch between Farchant and Oberau. River in primeval landscape, botanical rarities along the path park-like open pasture area.