Pub stage with "Tom & Basti"

"Zeitlang", SA 16.03.2024 / 8.00 pm / Admission from 6.00 pm

Just in time for the 20th stage anniversary of the cabaret duo Tom & Basti, known from radio and television (including BR-Brettlspitzen), the new concert program and the CD of the same name "zeitlang" will be released. The two folk singers from Mauthl took advantage of the lockdown period and set about taking a witty, tongue-in-cheek and enigmatic look at the world in their usual self-deprecating manner.
Everyday situations, kindnesses and idiosyncrasies in the "village cosmos" are poked fun at in words and sound.
What keeps a village alive? Which characters can be found in every village?
With their humorous but sometimes thought-provoking style, the musicians provide an insight into an idyll that is riddled with inconsistencies and shakes the foundations of many an urban rural image.

Whether the time in the village can only be very long from the point of view of a city dweller or the Waidler simply has "zeitlang" for a better, older or new time, each listener can decide for himself.
Tom & Basti certainly had "zeitlang" for the audience - you can hear and see that in every note, every gesture and in every word.
This desire for genuine, unadulterated pub music will certainly remain for some time to come and will continue to accompany the two on stages in the Bavarian-speaking world.

22,- € (+ fee)

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