SEEHOF Cuisine

Healthy, natural, authentic, tasty ...

... we focus on revitalising, high-quality and authentic cuisine
True gourmets have always known it – chefs are alchemists, genuine magicians of pleasure and nutrition. But cooking is of course also craftsmanship and has recently even become high-tech, as modern kitchen systems now call for optimised structures and arrangements. Nevertheless, a chef remains the true master of his craft, actively transforming and individually arranging – and can accomplish real wonders with knowledge and true passion.

At the SEEHOF we understand this and will continue to place increasing emphasis on “revitalising cuisine”, on fresh, ripe, natural products and on “authentic food”. The colour of the dish should correspond with the ingredients, fruit and vegetables should appear as in nature and not be inflated and uniform. Natural and wholesome food can only be achieved with authentic ingredients. And above all, it simply tastes good and genuine.