Big city boazn

09.11.2024 | 20.00 hrs | Admission from 18.00 hrs

Metropolis meets village, Upper Bavaria meets Lower Bavaria, Ziach meets Sax, (coarse) charm meets shame, beer meets Pina Colada, seriousness meets irony... And that's exactly how the big city Boazn sounds.

Opposites meet unhindered and unexpectedly become attractions: Birgit Tomys tirelessly blows penetrating bass lines through her baritone saxophone. In addition to his crisp guitar sound, Berni Filser provides smug commentary and an eternal party mood. Matthias Pürner lays his extravagant and admirably filigree ziach compositions on this indestructible foundation.

The Großstadt Boazn likes to stay close to tradition without wanting to elevate it to an ideology. Because the focus is clearly and undisputedly on the fun of making music together. 

*Boazn = "a drinking establishment in a small room with a bar, a maximum of five bar stools and at least four beers." The three musicians of the Big City Boazn feel particularly at home in such venues.

20,- €; reduced 17,- € (+ fee)

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