Curling at the Seehof from the end of November

Curling is an old popular sport. The curler, impatiently waiting for winter, is hot for the game in the cold.
It is always feared that curling is threatened with extinction. After all, the majority of shooters are of retirement age and fewer and fewer waters are freezing over every year.

But don't worry, you can play without a care in the Seehof. Our artificial lane invites you to linger and play.
Whether in a small group with friends or as a highlight at this year's Christmas party. Curling is always great fun.
Strength is just as important as feeling. A hot mulled wine to fortify yourself is particularly good for this. If you haven't drunk any target water, it's no use all together.
Drinking something warm is the most important thing on such a long day on the cold ice.
Are you in the mood? Then make a reservation for your Christmas party or drop in for a cosy round.

The mulled wine kettle is bubbling and the ice sticks are ready.

We look forward to seeing you