The Seehof introduces itself

Take a look behind the scenes and learn more about your Seehof. We are now starting our blog series "Employees at Seehof".

An exciting story about our employees every month. Because we have the best and most hard-working employees far and wide and are incredibly proud of our team. Cohesion and team spirit are very important here.

The start is made by our Ricarda - banquet manager Seehof Herrsching 

16 years of "Knautschin" at Seehof.
16 years ago, our Ricarda came from the Harz Mountains to Herrsching on the beautiful Ammersee in the Seehof, with her car. At that time, she had applied for a job as chef de rang with us. So at the age of 24, she parked her car and started working at the Seehof in the service department. She always does her work with great commitment. Due to her reliability and professionalism, our guests love her and she is also always popular with our musicians.

Very quickly Ricarda became the banquet manager and since then she plans and organises every event down to the smallest detail. You can feel that her work here at the Seehof is her absolute passion.

Thank you for your support, your excellent work and your loyalty. Here's to many more years at Seehof.

Did you know all this about our Ricarda? Feel free to send us a message and look forward to the next presentation of our staff.