Gästebewertung Tagung

Dear Mr. Grumbach and Hotel Seehof Team,  
on behalf of our xx staff in The Netherlands and the US, our AGR trainers … and .., and our attendees to our xx Fracture 1 + Design schools, which took place in your hotel in week 37 and 38,  we would like to thank you for your great hospitality and your assistance in our preparations to make these schools a big success again!   In general can be said that our attendees were very positive about:

  • the organization of the registration procedure, reservation assistance and contents of the training
  • the location + hotel
  • the other type of chairs (read: more comfortable) in the conference room helped a lot!
  • the attendees wished there had been a bit more time to discuss with each other, but to be honest we can fill many hours more than we have available.

  Available time is always challenging. Some attendees suggested to start earlier than 8.30AM with the schools and we got some remarks that serving of the food during lunch time took too long, which gave time pressure on our afternoon schedule. Maybe this is something we coordinate in another way, for example that each attendee confirms in a list at the beginning of each seminar day what they would like to eat for lunch. In this way your kitchen staff can prepare more efficiently, but this is something we can discuss in due time.   Last year we faced a major challenge with the extremely good weather and high temperatures and the absence of A/C in the conference room. This year it seemed more bearable, but we hope the owner will still consider this investment in A/C for the hotel because we believe it will be a big asset for your hotel.   We will come back in 2020! In a separate email we will inform you about the planning and the further preparations for a 2020 schools schedule.   Many thanks again!!   Firma Tagung September 2019

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